Child Health

The importance of protecting your health during childhood and adolescence is based on the fact that this is the period when the foundations for health during adulthood are laid. One of the main wishes parents have right from childbirth is for their child to grow up healthy. In order to achieve this it is important to keep an eye on their health from the very beginning.

In this section you’ll find information to get the most out of child health.

The child health monitoring programme sets out the medical checkups that are recommended from birth up to the age of 14. During each check-up your child/children will undergo a paediatric examination; established screening tests will be carried out, vaccinations suitable for each age according to the Vaccinations Calendar will be given and you will be offered advice about the necessary healthcare (foods, hygiene, prevention of accidents,…) You should always carry your Child Health Card to make a note of important information for monitoring health.


Oral healthcare during childhood constitutes the building blocks for good oral health when we get older. Essential dental care involves a proper diet, good dental hygiene, appropriate use of fluorides and regular dental checkups. Indeed, since 2008 dental care services for children (including inlays and root canal treatment) have been extended in the Region of Valencia.


For more information visit Servicio de Salud infantil y de la Mujer or send an email to moreno_peg@gva.es

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