Little bites and stings

We are in permanent contact with the environment and other types of animals such as insects. Some of them (flies, mosquitoes, ticks, etc) can bother us with their bites, which can produce momentary discomfort and in certain cases can even pass on diseases. In general, these are isolated cases which only used to concern us when we travelled to foreign countries.

But, nowadays some species of these insects have been detected in our environment, for example, the tiger mosquito, and in other cases we are the ones who encroach on their natural habitat, such as in the case of the black fly.

Every 7th of April, on the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation, the WHO, in 1948, the whole world dedicates one day to thinking about health and welfare. The slogan proposed for 2014 is “small bite, big threat” and we are initiating a new section that will help us to recognise these insects, to take suitable measures for protecting ourselves and to know how we should behave if we are attacked.

More information about the tiger mosquito (spanish):

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