Healthy Ageing


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Growing older is healthy if you age well. It is possible to reach old age in a good state of health by watching what you eat and keeping active, as well as maintaining social relationships and following guidelines in order to properly prevent and treat chronic health issues that are the cause of most disabilities and dependence in many elderly people.

According to WHO, active, healthy ageing enables us to reduce inequalities in health and improve the quality of life for many elderly people. To achieve this, action needs to be taken in three core areas: health, involvement and safety of elderly people.

We have to top up ageing with health, ensuring that people live longer but in good health and free of disabilities.

We have to get elderly people involved so that they can pass on their experience and leadership to society through voluntary activities.

We need to protect the rights of the elderly and satisfy their needs by encouraging solidarity between generations and promoting a positive outlook on ageing.

Elderly people in a good state of health are an active resource for society and can act as health workers by providing their experience and willingness to help families and the community.

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