Eating is a basic necessity of life.

Promoting healthy eating has been an issue of top priority for improving people’s health. Nowadays, society has become aware of the importance of adopting good eating habits, as healthy eating contributes to wellbeing, promotes health and protects against disease.

Traditionally, the Mediterranean diet has been part of our culture, providing benefits for our health. The Mediterranean diet combines the use of certain foods. It is rich in cereals, foods of vegetable origin (fruit, vegetables, pulses), fish, and moderate in red meats and dairy products. All of this can be complemented with appropriate rest, leading an active life (walking, cycling, walking up stairs, etc) and doing sport.

Many common disorders (obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases), can be prevented and alleviated with a suitable diet and healthy lifestyles, thereby raising the level of health of individuals and the population in general.

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