Tools and games

On this page you can find tools and games that will make learning about caring for your health a more educational experience.

Here are some of the latest tools and games you can use in this section.

  • AlumbritaGAME: Presentation of “Alumbrita” and game interface in Spanish
  • GAME:  Activilandia. Virtual theme park about food and healthy habits
  • Deja de fumarTOOL:  Take a breather. Hints and tips for quitting smoking
  • TOOL:  Feedback on the quality of the web pages providing information about health and cancer.
  • Autoexploración de la pielTOOL: Diagram of melanoma self-examination, Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
  • Unidades de Prevención del Cáncer de MamaTOOL:  Directory to locate your nearest Breast Cancer Prevention Unit
  • Prevención del melanomaTOOL:  Preventing melanoma. Keep an eye on skin lesions.
  • Esporti Revolution, juego de la saludGAME: Esporti Revolution, the game of health that motivates and activates your body
  • Test PredimedHERRAMIENTA: Predimed Test – Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet